Amal Academy: Taking Flight✈

today I am discussing here my last session in Amal fellowship and the whole journey. why I have applied amal fellowship because I heard about amal from my friend that Amal not only focus your personal growth also improve your professional skills so I join Amal academy before 3 months.

when I was joint I was a little bit worry maybe its a waste of time of me .but during my 1st session I realised it must help me in my professional growth.

First of all, I want to say thanks to my friend Awais Nasir…

A Cup of Coffee: All is Well

When I was started my journey with amal I have no idea how I managed Amal Fellowship classes and honestly speaking I have not many expectations because amal fellowship and I have not more knowledge about Amal I just joint it with my friend reference. I remember when I was started our 1st class with Amal I was a little bit nervous because I have 1st experience of online classes so I started my class with normal routine but during class, we performed different activities these activities not only fulfil our knowledge but…

Yes, before 2 and a half months ago I was started not only a new journey but honestly speaking I was started my life journey with Amal. who is Amal? I realized Amal is a Sir Owais, Amal is a Sir Anas and Especially Amal is a Miss Ayesha Amin. Who are they? My answer is they are all hope for others they are all optimistic they are all professional they are all inspirational teachers. A lot of people search their dream girls from somewhere but I searched my dream teachers in Amal.

Dream Teachers

During my Amal Fellowship, I have decided…

My letter of gratitude for my Dearest Wife

Hi, I am Jawad Ahmed today I will be discussing gratitude is a quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

first of all, I want to share a letter which I have sent to my wife for saying thanks to her for supporting me a lot of time when I was disappointed she encourage me and helped me a lot

yes, today I admit that my wife helps me a lot in my disaster moments in my life .she …


Today I will be discussed here about smart goals your smart goals must be specific , measurable , attainable , relevant and time bond these 5 qualities enhance your goals in a positive or workable way.


1. Specific. Your goal should be clear and specific, otherwise, you won’t be able to focus your efforts or feel truly motivated to achieve it. When drafting your goal, try to answer the five “W” questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • Why is this goal important?
  • Who is involved?
  • Where is it located?
  • Which resources or limits are involved?

For Example…

I am jawad ahmed basically I am clinical psychologist and doing my MS in clinical psychology from University of Lahore and also I am doing a good job in rescue 1122 Punjab Pakistan

Today I will be discuss here some kindnesses about me last my 24 hours at different occasions so I wanna to share with you guys

You I am a rescuer and doing job as a medical emergency technician during our duty we deal different types of emergencies like as roadside accident, medical emergencies,fire cases and also poisoning cases .

So today when I arrived at duty place…

Jawaad Ahmed

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