Amal Academy: Taking Flight✈

today I am discussing here my last session in Amal fellowship and the whole journey. why I have applied amal fellowship because I heard about amal from my friend that Amal not only focus your personal growth also improve your professional skills so I join Amal academy before 3 months.

when I was joint I was a little bit worry maybe its a waste of time of me .but during my 1st session I realised it must help me in my professional growth.

First of all, I want to say thanks to my friend Awais Nasir who encouraged me for this fellowship he already a graduated from Amal Academy.

2ndly I would be thanks to my supervisors Miss Ayesha & Sir Anas both are not only facilitators but also they always encouraged us in the whole fellowship and realised how much our time is precious and how to neutralised it.Both have beautiful hearts and best mentors.

I got a lot of things in Amal Academy like how to make a cover letter for job,how to make resume ,your role as a leader ,your role as a team player ,how to learn new things on daily basis ,how to improve your communication skills and many others professional skills in which important for your professional and personal growth.

Award: thoughtful Project Work

Our mega project was ;BOOKS FOR A CAUSE; and our vision beind this project was ;to play our part in making Quality Education accessible and more fun for students belonging to any fraction of the Society without discrimination;

Activities during Mega Project

We raise fund for, EDHI FOUNDATION,its a new experience all for us we really encouraged this type of activity for humanity .Through this activity we learnt how can we play a positive role for our people.

In the end, I would thank all my Amal Academy Facilitators and my Amal fellows they are always encouraged me during my fellowship and I learnt a lot of things that will help me in future , you are always in my prayers we are not only fellows we are now Amal Family. I love this beautiful journey💖💖💖



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